We're DocEvent - we love to build messaging services for b2b and app integration.

We built Simple FTP Service to link protocols like FTP/s and sftp to directly to cloud buckets such as S3, Azure Blob and GCS - and our Channels Service that integrates your data processes within applications, your customers and environments.

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Simple FTP Service

Connect your buckets to FTP and sftp

Our sftp and FTP servers talk directly to your AWS APIs to send & receive files. No files are ever stored on disk.Learn more...

Channels Service

Send messages between multiple users using various protocols and applications.

Invite users, connect applications using multiple protocols inbound and outbound.
S3 to FTP - Yes!
HTTP to FTP - Yes!
email to FTP - Yes!
Learn more...

Millions of files transferred

Our team has helped process messages from businesses worldwide.

See a demo of DocEvent Simple FTP Service

Want to see Simple FTP Service in action? Watch a recorded demo before you get started yourself.

Watch the demo

You focus on integration, we'll focus on delivery.


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