Connect any protocol to any protocol

Choose how to send and receive files in a Channel, mix and match - Invite others, or simply use a channel between your own applications.

Our basic plan is free forever


Get started in seconds

Setup receive endpoints, and send endpoints. Your files go through the channel to your destination.


Invite third parties

Third parties decide how and where they want to receive their files.

Low touch for the ops team, no more sharing spreadsheets or credentials, customers setup their own endpoints and protocols.


Detailed logs

Log retention and detailed visibility of delivery acknowledgements

No more grep/sed/awk from multiple systems, less calls to helpdesk, each log shows detailed information of transfers at a debug level that is relevant to the protocol and type.

Users invited in a channel can also see success, failures and detailed logs related to their endpoints.


More plugins added regularly

View the list of plugins available to see which protocols and services we integrate with

If you have a requirement to integrate with a system or require additional features for existing plugins, we can build that directly into our cloud service.


Add many endpoints outbound

Send directly to production and staging at the same time, re-route files when migrating servers

Simply add a new send endpoint to route identical files to another service, e.g. migrate from FTP to HTTP, or FTP to S3

Self service

Give customers a self service portal

Customers can create new endpoints, choose how to send you files, choose how to receive files, view logs and errors - a channel automatically translates files to the protocol you wish to receive

Highly available

Running many clusters of self-healing services in multiple auto-scaling groups ensures uptime and availability.

Backed by AWS

Services run on AWS using proven highly available tools such as SNS, SQS, SES and ECS.

Enterprise ready

Enterprise plans are available to host a DocEvent Channels region directly in your AWS VPC, saving on bandwidth and usage fees.

You focus on integration, we'll focus on delivery.

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