DocEvent Channels in your VPC, fully managed, by us.

We'll spin up DocEvent region in your VPC. You pay the AWS bill, we'll make sure it is running 24/7, every day of the year.

Truly Yours

In your AWS VPC

We'll bring up clusters, cloudformation stacks, APIs, sites and code in your AWS VPC, we'll update it, and treat just like our own.

Your domain

Using a domain you own, your SSL certificates in your AWS account, connected to an AWS Cognito instance you control.


Simple billing that scales up with your usage.

We charge a flat fee plus a percentage of your AWS bill only for the VPC / AWS account that we manage.


Link your DocEvent region to a direct connect or other VPC

With AWS direct connect and VPC peering we can execute b2b and EDI between private networks you and your customers own.

Backed by elasticsearch

All data is stored on an Elasticsearch cluster. With automated backups directly to S3 scheduled as often as you require.

Your SSL Certificates

Encrypt all traffic sent and received using your own SSL certificate for FTPS, HTTP, and your own RSA key for SSH SFTP encryption.

Fully managed

We do the everything, and you pay the AWS bill. It really is that easy. Your instances appear on a domain you own similarly to any exiting DocEvent region.

DocEvent fully managed AWS region pricing

Try our existing cloud to see what a fully managed region on your domain will look like. Contact us when you are ready to start building your cloud.

Managed region


per month + 20% AWS region spend

99.99% SLA

No contracts

Fully managed DocEvent region

Brand new VPC

Channel Server and all current & future plugins

Simple FTP Server

Your SSL certificates for FTPS and HTTPS

Your KMS certificates for AWS key encryption

Your certificates for ssh encryption

24/7 + 365 support

Unlimited data transfer

Unlimited operations

Self-healing clusters

Fully managed monitoring

Blue/green deployments for HA

Ongoing support and maintenance

99.99% SLA

You focus on integration, we'll focus on delivery.

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